Friday, August 9, 2013

Soap Challenge Club - Holly Swirl

This month's soap challenge offered by Amy Worden of Great CakesSoapworks is the  "Holly Swirl". I have admired all the soaps made by Holly from Missouri River Soap and am so excited to try her technique. Please take the time to go visit her web site here, her Facebook page here, along with her YouTube page here where she shows us how she creates her wonderful soaps.  
I had such fun doing the "Holly" swirl that I made 2 different batches of soap. The first batch that I made was the Lavender/Lemon. On this one I used Bramble Berry's Essential Oils, Lavender 40/42 and Lemongrass.  For the colors I used Titanium Dioxide, Magic Violet & Magic Yellow.

On the second batch I used Bramble Berry's Cherry Almond fragrance oil. I love this fragrance and on this batch it soaped very well for me. The colors I used were Titanium Dioxide, Burgundy Oxide, and Cosmic Fluorescent Pink. I also used gold mica for a very faint pencil line.
I can't wait to see everyone else's version of their "Holly Swirl" in this challenge. I know they will all look great. I want to thank Amy for offering this soap challenge along with Holly for being so willing to share her talents with us.
I hope you enjoy the pictures of the 2 soaps and the process of me making them.

Fragrance and colors used on Soap #2 Cherry Almond

Colors are mixed for the soap

Soap poured into the mold and the left over
colored soap put on the top for swirling.

Top after swirling.

Close-Up on the swirled top.

The Soap Unmolded.

Another view of the soap un-molded.

Pictures of the cut bars of soaps.




Cherry Almond Soap

Here are pictures of my first soap and the process. 

Colors and Essential Oils

Colors mixed

Base color is poured in the mold and started 
pouring the colors for the swirl into the mixing bowl.

Colors swirled into the base color.

Closer picture of the swirled colors.

Here is have added the solid lavender color to the soap.

I have globed on the remaining colors of
soap to swirl the top.

Close-Up before the swirl.

Swirled top with glitter added.

Out of the mold.

Cut bars of soap.

Lavender Lemon Holly Swirl Soap