Friday, December 16, 2016

December 2016 Soap Challenge "Tiger Stripe Soap"

This month's Soap Challenge offered by Amy Worden of Great Cakes Soapworks is "Tiger Stripe". 
Here are the Guidelines for this month's challenge:

1. Definition of Experienced Soapmaker: You have been making soap for at least 2 years OR you have made more than 50 batches. A newbie MAY enter the experienced category if he/she wishes.
2. Your soap is made with cold process only, featuring Tiger Stripe techniques in the majority of your soap, using a log mold. You poured your soap in lines from one end of the mold to the other. You may have manipulated the soap after the pours were made, but it is still apparent that there are stripes throughout the soap.
3. Your soap has at least 2 different colors.
4. Your soap has been cut normally, in vertical slices.
5. The photo you are submitting has soap(s) from ONE batch only, with the only editing being for lighting and color adjustments to best represent what the soap looks like in real life.

I have wanted to make a tiger stripe soap and incorporate a bright pink color into the mix  of colors for a long time, so this was the perfect time to give it a try. For my colors I chose  "Activated Charcoal" for the black, and "Titanium Dioxide" for the white (both from Bramble Berry), and I used a pink called "Day Glo Pink" .  The soap is scented with "Pink Berry Mimosa" fragrance oil from Wholesale Supple Plus. I used a wavy divider that I had purchased quite a while back and wanted  to see how it would affect the  different colors I chose for each side of the mold, both sides will have the  tiger stripe. When cut the only difference that showed was that each side had different widths of the colored sections and the other side of the bar had just the opposite widths of colors than the other side. I think this wavy divider would actually be better suited for a horizontal cut of each soap bar (my next experiment), but since the challenge rules were to cut the bars vertical that is what I did.  I still like how they turned out and enjoyed experimenting.

 I love doing all the soap challenges and learning all the different techniques that I normally would not know how to do, or to do them differently. Thank you Amy Worden for sharing with all of us some pretty awesome ways to make soap.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and I would like to share some pictures of how I went about making this soap for the challenge.

Here are my colors and the added
wavy divider inserted.

Well here I go adding the colors, I really need to
get my lines a lot straighter! It looks like a real
curvy road.

Getting better with my lines being straight.
The mold is filled half way in this picture.


All done and swirled the top of the soap loaf.
I sure like this shade of pink.
A close up of the top of the soap in the mold.
Here you can see how the wavy divider made
the different widths of each side going down the mold.

And here we have the soap I am entering for the Tiger Stripe Challenge.
I am calling it "Pink meets Wild".