Friday, November 15, 2013

Soap Challenge Club - Squeeze Bottle Design 11-15-13

This month's soap challenge offered by Amy Worden of Great Cakes Soapworks is called  "Squeeze Bottle Design". 

To make this month's soap we decide on a design or draw a design and use it as a template on the bottom of the soap mold with piece of butcher paper liner over the top of the design, and use squeeze bottles (similar to ketchup or mustard squirt bottle) with our soap colors to create the design on the bottom of the soap mold using the template as our guide. My mold is silicone so I put the design on the bottom of the wood support for my silicone mold and put my silicone mold on top of the design. I found a scroll design online and  made several copies of it to fit across my mold.

Well after I mixed up the colors and added them into the very small squeeze bottles (they were only 4" tall from the bottom to the top of the tip) and started on my pattern. I quickly found out that the lines were too intricate and I could not get my soap lines as fine as I wanted them to be, I also could not add all the lines in the pattern.  Here are a few pictures of the making of my soap. I scented it with Lavender Lemon and used mica's from The Conservatorie and Nurture Soap Supplies.

For me, this challenge was harder than I thought it would be. I plan on making more soap using this technique and try to perfect the process. Thank you Amy for the challenge, I love learning all the new ways to make soap and cannot wait for next month's challenge.

Here is the design I decided on.

The cute little squirt bottles with the colors added.
The design is completed the best I could do.
I would have loved to had the very fine lines over these thick lines
I love the swirl on the bottom of the soap bars.

Here is the soap out of the mold.

The cut bars.

Lavender Lemon Soap.