Saturday, May 26, 2012

Week 10 of the weekly "Soap Challenge".

This week's soap challenge was to make a "Landscape Soap". The first challenge for me in even doing this soap was to think of a landscape that I thought I would be capable of doing. I have been thinking about it for a couple of weeks as I knew I would need to do my embeds for this soap ahead of time, so I decided  to do a sunrise scene. I wanted the soap to look like a slice of the earth (like you see in gardening books showing your planting layers). The week before I made extra soap base so I could create the sun ahead of time.
For my colors I used a brown mica for the ground, green oxide for the grass, for the sky I used ultra marine blue and added a blue mica, for the clouds I added a white mica to the natural soap base. I scented the soap using a "Eucalyptus & Spearmint" fragrance oil. I was not sure how this fragrance would behave so I added some to each layer as I did them, instead of to the whole batch. When I sliced the soap on my cutter it was a bit hard to get through the sun part in the soap since it was made the week before and was quite a bit harder, but it did cut it without breaking the cutting wire.

This was a fun challenge and I would like to try this again and hopefully my imagination can come up with something with a lot more detail.
I will share some of the pictures of the process and the finished soap. I hope you will all go to Great Cakes Soapworks  and take a look at all the other great soaps made for this challenge.

Next week's challenge: Making soaps using natural ingredients.

Here is the tube I used to make the sun. I tried something new to plug the bottome of the pipe, I poured some heated melt & pour soap base in the small plastic container and while it was still melted I put the pipe in and let the soap base cool before I added my cp soap base. It worked really well and I did not have to worry about the bottom leaking, plus when I pushed my soap out of the tube I was pushing against the melt & our base and not the actual soap embed. 

Here is the sun out of the pipe mold. Now I will cut off the
melt & pour soap plug and it will be ready to embed into my soap.

The brown first layer poured.
Mixing the green next layer. 

Green layer added. I am making peaks on this layer hoping that it will look like grass standing upright. It did not look that tall after pouring on the sky color, I think I should have let it set up longer.

The blue is poured, added the sun and more clouds.

I added the remainder white soap base and swirled
the top to make it look like fluffy clouds. 

Here is the soap out of the mold. I lined my mold using
plastic and I don't like the wrinkles it created on the sides.
Note to self: take the time to line it with the normal
butcher paper. A silicone mold insert would be nice  :)

Soap bars cut.

I took the end cuts from the soap loaf and
made soap balls again to use as embeds.
I think they look like little world globes, what do you think?

Introducing "Rise n' Shine"

Todays Forecast - Sunny, Partially Cloudy with a  'Chance of Showers'.


  1. Lovely! Love how you use MP for stopping up the bottom of the tube! I've never thought of that.

    1. Jennifer, I did not know if that would actually work but thought it was worth a try. I will give it a try when I use the larger PVC pipe and see how it works.

  2. I love it! Awesome idea with the melt and pour-brilliant! The name you gave the soap is perfect. :-)

  3. Very nice! Great idea with the melt and pour for sure!

  4. I really like the bright sun against the softer grass, earth and sky. Your clouds and peaks are spot on. Nice!! ~Suzy

  5. That looks like a perfect 75 degree day with no humidity! I love the bright colors you chose. This is picture perfect!

  6. Oh, I love your globes!! Save them as embeds of earth from the perspective of the moon or space.

  7. Beautiful! And those globes are awesome - do I see another landscape soap in your future?

  8. So pretty, Margo!!! Love the bold yellow of the sun - all the colors turned out so nicely! Great job!

  9. Very lovely from the clouds on down to earth. Your execution was spot on and your choice and use of coloring is so well done!

  10. You did an amazing job on this.... love it!

  11. Thank you everyone for the special words of encouragement.