Saturday, July 28, 2012

My search for a perfect Watermelon

I have been wanting to make a "Watermelon Soap" for a long time. You would think that it not be too hard to do. Well for starters I will need to find the perfect watermelon color, sounds like it would be pretty simple doesn't it. I have found that to get a good red is really hard to accomplish in a cold process soap. First you start out with a white to cream colored soap base, and when adding a red colorant to that you get pink, add more red you get a darker pink. Getting the perfect watermelon color will be my biggest challenge. I have seen pictures of soaps that  have a really nice red in their cold process soaps, I really envy the soapmaker for knowing the secret to getting that red. I don't feel that watermelon is a really bright red, to me that it has more of a reddish/coral coloring to it.
I ordered several different red colorants and got busy mixing up the colors for my test batch of soaps. This is what I mixed for my test:

Lake Dye #7
Lake Dye #22
Lake Dye #40
Bordeaux Mica
Queen Kathryn Mica
Ruby Rose Mica
Non-Bleeding Liquid Red
Valentine Red Liquid Colorant

Now I would like to show you some pictures of some of the testing process and my finished soaps.

Here are some of the test colors mixed up. I brushed some of
the colors onto the paper towel to see what they looked like.

Here are the test soaps with all 8 test colors.

Here they are out of the molds, you can see some slight
color changes in some of them. I have arrows pointing to
the soaps and what color I used.

I just could not help myself, I had to go pruchase a watermelon to be sure
of the color. And yes it was a good tasting watermelon! Here you can
see the comparison on the top row between the Red #40 & Red #7. The
other colors did not even come close to being correct.

Now for the bottom row. The only color I felt come close is
the Valentine Red liquid color.

This one is looking real close to the right color.
 I wonder if it might fade lighter as the soap cures?

One more comparison before I decide. I think the
#40 might be too light and the #7 looks more like a
tomato red. 

OK, I have now decided how I am going to color my soap, and of course
you need to have seeds for the watermelon. Now on to making my soap.

And here they are out of the mold and cut. They are scented
with at watermelon fragrance oil and boy do they smell good!
They will be available for sale the middle of August, 2012.

I just love how they turned out, and they were very fun to make.

I am wondering what color you would have choosen from the test bar pictures.

Hint: I used 2 of the color choices for these bars.


  1. This watermelon soap looks fantastic! It is my favorite fruit and I thought the soap you made look so gracious and fun...just as I remember my summer holidays in Brazil to be...and I stuffed myself with cold watermelons my whole childhood!...The tiger's stripe is also amazing! Of many I've seem lately it is by far my favorite!

  2. Ciao Margo
    sure would bite a piece of watermelon bubbles though I leave the ears ;)
    It's perfect! Magnificent work and research