Saturday, March 31, 2012

Soap Challenge - Week One

Amy from GreatCakes Soapworks invited soap crafters from all over the world to a weekly "Soap Challenge". I put a lot of thought into the idea of accepting the challenge, and then I would talked myself out of doing it. I would think that it would be too hard, it would take too much time to do projects beyond my current abilities, it would be too stressful. Then I thought about how I would have more to gain from the experience, whether I was successful or not, than just sitting on the side lines admiring everyone else's great creations. And you know what, it is fun and feels so good just trying it, and I love any excuse that allows me to make some more soap.
The first weeks challenge was an "In the Pot Swirl" (in soaper's terminology ITP Swirl), using one or more colors than we had previously used doing this technique. For some doing this weeks challenge it could be the first time ever attempting an ITP swirl. I have made several batches of soap using this technique and enjoy doing it and love the results. On previous projects  I have used up to two colors, so for this challenge I chose 3 colors plus my main soap base. The colors I have chosen for this soap are neon colors: yellow, pink, and orange. I love how these colors turned out in the soap, they are very vibrant. The fragrance oil I used, Energy, is from Bramble Berry, all I can say is they smell WONDERFUL! We put the soaps in a dark room using a black light and boy did they glow in the dark. A real fun soap. Thank you Amy for the challenge and I look forward to next week's challenge. Check back for those results.

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