Saturday, March 31, 2012

Week 2 of  Great Cakes Soapworks weekly "Soap Challenge".  This week's challenge was to make a milk soap and I wanted to use a milk product that I have not soaped with before. I love milk soaps and have used goats milk that I get from a wonderful goat dairy close to where I live. I also make soap using just coconut milk, or combine the goats milk with coconut milk. Well this week I chose to make a soap using cream. The cream I purchased was an extra thick cream so I diluted it with just a little bit of milk. I weighed the cream out on the scale and froze it in a ziplock plastic bag and this is what I used to mix with my lye. I read several books on milk processing soaps using different milk products so I would not have any unexpected surprises. The book did warn that the cream would get extra thick when mixed with the lye and the book was right. I am glad I knew ahead that it would happen or I would have thought that something was wrong and not used it. I poured out some of the soap batter for the top layer and the swirl. I added Titanium Dioxide for a whiter soap color and did not add any fragrance. The fragrance I used for the bottom is called "Vanilla Select" and I knew it would turn the soap a very dark brown so I did not add any additional color to the soap for the bottom layer. I like how the soap turned out and want to share some of the steps on making it.

This is how thick my cream/lye mixture was before adding it to my oils.

This is the cream/lye mixture added to my oils before mixing.

Mixing in the cream/lye. Whew it looks normal now.


Swirling in the white soap base.

Soap in the mold after swirling.

Soap just out of the mold

Here are the soap bars cut,
notice the color they are just after cutting.

Here are the bars 3 days after cutting. Love the dark rich chocolate color.


  1. It's gorgeous, Margo!! I'm so glad you have a successful creamy soap! I bet it smells amazing too!

  2. Thanks Amy: I have to always plan on my soaps turning dark for this fragrance but it is so worth it for how good it smells.

  3. That was the most interesting milk soap I've seen. I bet that soap is going to be your most moisturizing, luxurious soap ever with all the excess cream. I never would have guessed the lye would have looked like that. When you say cream, do you mean heavy cream, sour cream, half/half? I really like it. Can you tell how you did the top? I want to make a coffee n'cream soap like this.

    1. Tina: I used heavy cream, and for the top I saved a small amount of the bottom color and put it in a line across the top (white soap) and swirled it using a chop stick.

  4. This font is the cat's meow!!!

  5. Margo your soap is exquisite -I'm stricken with "swirl envy" -I must go and put an ice bag on my head now! Seriously, the color contrast is amazing -did I miss the scent?? I'm guessing there's vanilla involved with that lovely dark mocha color. Great job! :) ~Becky

  6. Becky: the fragrance is called Vanilla Select and I purchased it from Bramble Berry.

  7. Beautiful soap! The top swirling is so cute and I love the colors.

  8. Wonderful soap, love the colour , the swirls, the vanilla fragrance, very, very nice, x Linda

  9. I really like this soap of yours, gorgeous!