Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Soap Challenge Week Three. 2013

This week's soap challenge was to use mica colors to swirl on the top of the soap.  For the mica's I chose 2 different colors from the The Conservatorie, Ruby Rose Mica and Titanium Luster Mica. The third color was Sparkle Gold Mica from Bramble Berry. I pre-mixed the mica's in a small amount of olive oil and will drizzle them on top of the soap. I had planned on making a gold mica line between the swirled soap base and the solid colored soap top but forgot to do it.....I wish I was paying more attention as I think it would have been a nice touch.
The fragrance I selected for this soap was "Frosted Cranberry" and it smells so yummy! I really enjoyed this technique and how it dressed up the top of the soap bars.  I love how the mica just sparkles on the top and there are so many colors to choose from.

I am very happy to share some pictures of the process I used in making my soap and hope you will enjoy looking at them. Please go to Amy's blog and see everyone else's masterpiece soaps at: GreatCakes Soapworks
Enjoy the pictures!

Here are my mica colors all mixed up. Notice the tea infuser, it has
my gold mica in it ready for the mica line between the base and
the top color, how could I forget to put it on the soap???
After pouring some of the soap into the mold I added some
of the color and did a spoon swirl. 

This is what it looked like after doing the spoon swirl. Now to
add another layer of the soap.

I added some more color on top of this layer and spoon
swirled it again. I am loving this pinkish color.
Here it is with my top layer poured over the swirled soap base.
This is what the mica looks like drizzled on the top.
I did add more of the mica to the top to get even more color.

Here it is all swirled, the mica is so pretty!

A closeup of the mica....what do you think?

Here is the soap out of the mold. Now to cut it and see how the swirl looks on the inside.

The next soap challenge will be "Leopard Spots". I have no idea how to do that one.
Wish me luck and I hope you come back and see how it turns out.


  1. This soap looks so creamy. I love the mica swirls, they really compliment the spoon swirl.

  2. Stunning swirls both inside and on the top of the soap.

  3. Oh wow!! I'm a huge fan of ruby rose - one of my faves from The Conservatorie!! The mica swirls on top make the soap so elegant!! Great job, Margo!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! The mica swirls on this batch of soap look fabulous and I really love how you used the Sparkle Gold Mica in your design. =)

  5. Margo, this could quite possibly be the most beautiful batch of soap I have ever seen. It looks too pretty to use.

    Thank you for sharing your technique. I am excited to try it.

  6. Is there ever a problem with the mica drizzled on top, staining wash clothes?

    I have had black oxide come off on the washcloth but it was black soap, not staining, it rinsed right out.

    1. I have not tried using the soap yet so not sure if the mica will stain a wash cloth. I try and use activated charcoal for my black in soaps as I have had the black oxide stain before if I use too much.