Saturday, April 27, 2013

Soap Challenge Week Four. 2013

Well this is the last soap challenge for this year and I again am sad to have it end, but I must admit I have thoroughly  enjoyed every minute of it. I also want to thank Amy Worden of Great Cakes Soapworks for giving us so much of her time and the opportunity to learn and grow in our soap making skills.

This week's soap challenge was to make a soap with Leopard Spots.  I was so excited to try this technique and could hardly wait for Amy to post her tutorial. So I decided to do a Google search for Leopard Spot soaps and found the Oil & Butter blog where she showed her beautiful pink leopard spotted soap, along with a YouTube video on making a cake with Leopard Spots. Well that was just what I needed to get me started. Later when Amy posted the tutorial of her making her soap she also posted the same cake video from YouTube .... whew!
I decided to make a girls and a boys leopard spotted soap and was so inspired by the pink leopard spotted soap made by Oil & Butter I thought I would use those colors for the girls version and blue colors for the boys. I made the girls version before Amy posted her tutorial for us (I was just too excited to try it to wait),  but I did wait for Amy to posted her tutorial before making the boys version. I wanted to see if there was another way to make it other than the cake tutorial.  

For the colors in the girls I used a brown oxide and a fluorescent pink pigment, for the boys a blue mica and activated charcoal.  I did not add fragrance into the colored portion of the soap as I did not want it to thicken up too fast on me where I would not be able to pipe it onto the soap.
The fragrance I selected for the girls soap is Strawberry Champagne and the boys was a mixture of Ginger Fish and Lime.

I plan on adding these soaps to sell along with my Tiger Stripe soaps, and my girls and boys version of my Camo soaps. I am also thinking of making a soap gift basket that will include one of each of the 5 soaps and call it a "Safari Hunters Gift Basket".  
Here are some pictures showing you some of the process I used in making these darling soaps. And don't forget to go to Amy's blog and see all the other leopard spotted soaps at: GreatCakes Soapworks
Here is the Girls Leopard Spotted Soap
My colors are all mixed and poured into the piping bags.

On the layers with the leopard spots I first piped on a layer
of the brown soap and then I put on a layer of the pink.
I will then add the top layer of the brown.

Here I have added the brown soap on top of the pink stripes.

I now have 3 different layers of the leopard spots and
have poured on the remaining soap.

I have added the remaining colors from the piping bags
so I can texture the soap tops. I think the little squiggly
lines from the piping bags are cute...maybe a future soap top?

Here it is out of the mold, had to add glitter to the top
after all this is the girl version and we all love sparkle.

Here is the Boys Leopard Spots
Piping on the leopard spots.

Putting the remaining blue on the top for swirling.

I love the look of fresh soap. 


This reminds me of choppy waves on water.


The soap out of the mold.




They will make a cute pair of soap.




  1. Love, love,love!!!!! Perfect soaps! Congrats!

  2. You did SUCH a good job with those Margo, and I absolutely adore that you did a boys and girls version...too cute!!!

  3. Wow! They both turned out great!

  4. These did turn out great! I love the boy/girl spots. Nice job.

  5. Both are amazing! Great job!

  6. Both soaps are just perfect! You managed to get several spots in the same layer.

  7. Super cute soaps! They turned out perfect!

  8. Those are gorgeous! You got so many spots, and all are perfect!
    Great done!

  9. Both are so gorgeous, they are just perfect :)

  10. Wow and Wow! These are so perfect and your photos of laying then out are so clean and precise. I think they are too cute and the pink and blue is darling too!

  11. I love how these turned out!! Both of them look beautiful, and I like the tops on the boys' soap.

  12. Oh, I love these! I wish I would have thought of this idea 6 weeks ago so I could do these soaps as baby shower favors for Bramble Girl's baby 'sprinkle' =) Yours came out great!!

  13. Oh so beautiful! I love both of them and your spots are perfect.

  14. Your spots are PERFECT and your tops are just as grand! I am a smidgen jealous...2 tries and it was perfect each time!

  15. Ciao Margo I write from Madrid
    Your work is fantastic, your soaps are beautiful
    Thank you very much for this explanation as clear
    Sure they will put into practice

  16. Wow!!! Your soaps turned out so fantastic!! I love how anxious you were to get started. :) Thank you so much for participating in the challenges!

  17. i am now inspired to make my soaps growl with beauty of the leopard. here we go