Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Soap Challenge Club - Peacock Swirl

Well I am happy to be participating in the NEW Soap Challenge put on by Amy Worden of Great Cakes Soapworks. This challenge is a bit different than the previous ones. With these challenges we have to register to participate and pay a small fee, and we can choose which ones we want to participate in each month. Well worth the small expense, in my opinion, for Amy's time and effort that makes it possible for us to do this, besides all the great instructions, tips and even a nice recipe that will give us the time needed to accomplish this swirl. Beside getting the opportunity to learn, there is also a chance to win some great prizes with each challenge. The people who sign up for each challenge will have the opportunity to vote on their favorite 3 entries, and that is what will determine who will win the prize. I can't wait to see the other contestants soaps, I know they will be great!

I have wanted to learn this process for a very long time and this is just the incentive I needed to give it a try. The fragrance I chose for this soap is "Summer Melon Spritzer" from Bramble Berry. It has some great reviews from other soapers about how well it behaves while soaping and the smell is amazing. I am happy to share with you some pictures showing you the process I used in making these darling soaps.
Here is the soap rake my husband made for me.


My colors are all mixed up, bottles ready for the
soap base so I can add the color.

Another view of the colors and the soap rake.

My colors all mixed and ready to go.
From left to right: Peacock Blue Mica, Titanium Dioxide
mixed in the soap base, Green Oxide, Cosmo Martini Mica
and Activated Charcoal.

Starting to add my colors. I will be pouring each color
alternating them as I go until I have used them all up.

Second color poured.


Half way done with the colors.


I am finally done and the soap is still behaving and not
getting too thick.

Here I added some gold mica mixed in olive oil to
add some sparkle to the swirl.


Here I am dragging the rake through the soap.
I really enjoyed watching the change in the soap as I was doing this.
Close up of the soap after running the rake through it.
Now for the swirl to create the peacock pattern.

Now I am dragging a chop stick in an  "S"  
pattern to start the peacock swirl. 


Now for the second  "S"  pattern, but going the opposite direction.

Here it is all swirled, boy it sure made me dizzy looking at the soap
pattern as I was swirling. It was harder to keep track of where
I was and where I should go next than I thought it would be.


Ready to put lid on the soap and let the soap go
through gel phase.

Here it is out of the mold and ready to cut into bars of soap.

Cut bars of soap.



  1. Beautiful colours....beautiful soap...love it :)

  2. may I ask how far apart are your combs in your soap rake? I would love to show it to my husband to have him make me one if you don't care. And by the way I love your soaps colors way to go!!

    1. Andrea there is a 1/2" gap between them. If you need to see more pictures of how he put it together give me your email and I can send you more pictures. I wanted him to make me one that would wash easily instead of one with cardboard.

    2. That would be wonderful...gsayer@swnebr.net and thank you for sharing. Sincerely Andrea Sayer

    3. Andrea I emailed it to you, I hope you receive it ok.

  3. Very nice,Margo! Great job on this one!

  4. Great job as usual, Margo!! And you're definitely planning ahead with a permanent comb all made and ready to go! I'm loving the mica swirl - great idea!

  5. Wow! You did an amazing job, Margo! The colors are so intense and really work the swirl design very well. =)

  6. One of the most beautiful peacock swirl I've ever seen!

  7. Your peacock swirl soap is gorgeous! I love the color scheme you chose.

  8. Hello - beautiful soap! Is it possible to get this effect with glycerin soap base, or does it set-up too quickly?