Friday, March 21, 2014

Soap Challenge Club - Drop Swirls 3-21-14

Time for another Soap Challenge. This month is a "Drop Swirl" offered by Amy Warden of Great Cakes Soapworks. It is a fairly simple method, and the results are fabulous. It is best to have a fluid soap so that the colors will pour easily into the main soap color for your drop swirl. I like to pour my different colors pouring them  a bit high into the main soap that I have already poured into the mold, then the colors will go all the way down to the bottom.

For the soap I am entering  into the soap challenge I used Bubblegum Pink mica from The Conservatorie for the base color. For my three swirl colors I used two different purples, Purple Rainbow from Nutures Soap Supply, and Passionate Purple from The Conservatorie. I used Titanium Dioxide for the white. The fragrance I chose was Love Spell from Bramble Berry, I have worked with this fragrance several times and knew it would soap really well, and it smells wonderful also.

Here are my mixed swirl colors.

Soap completed and in the mold.

Close up of the swirl.

Dark Purple is a Mica in Olive Oil Swirl.

Soap log unmolded ready to cut into bars.

Love Spell

I also made another soap, but this time making a drop swirl was not as easily accomplished as the first soap. I used a fragrance oil from Bramble Berry, Passionfruit Rose. I had not soaped with it before and was not sure if it would accelerate in the soap. Well it did accelerate trace in my soap, which made the soap a bit thick for this type of a swirl, it was more like a "Plop Swirl" but I managed to get it into the mold before it thickened too much. This is a new mold for me and I was anxious to try it out. I love the roses on the top (which is actually the bottom of the mold). And even though this fragrance oil did accelerate trace I love the scent and plan on using it more.
Here is the soap "Plopped" into the mold.

Out of the mold.
Close up of the roses. I think I am in love with this mold!
Passionfruit Rose.

You can see all the other entries on Amy's blog page HERE and maybe you would also like to sign up to do the Soap Challenge's. You will learn a lot from Amy's video lessons, besides just having fun making your entry.


  1. Both soaps are beautiful! The love spell looks clean and delicate. Love it!

  2. Both are beautiful, but the delicate swirls in love spell are my favourite!

  3. Love both, but love spell is a front runner. Also need to find the rose mold you used, beautiful

  4. Both soaps came out great! I really like the rose soap- so pretty!

  5. I totally sympathize with the second soap you made. I had the same issue with the one I made this week. Oh, the joy of soaping first time fragrances.

  6. Both are beautiful! And the rose mold is very cool!!!

  7. Beautiful soaps, Margo!! I just recently heard about that rose mold - it makes a fabulous soap for sure!! I'm glad you shared that one too. :)